My research specialty is analyzing old baseball card sets in hopes of identifying information not already known (or at least widely recognized) in the Hobby. Below is an organized listing of my SABR Baseball Cards articles that target this area of research.

1933-34 GOUDEY

The early Goudey sets are the ones about which I’m most obsessive. The first two articles, one focused on the original 1933 set and the other focused on its 1934 sequel, are probably plenty for most readers. Nonetheless, the series continues on in an attempt to leave no corner of the early Goudey universe untouched.


I had no idea when I wrote the 1935 articles that I’d eventually cover the other years. Had I known, I would have tackled the sets in chronological order. Instead, I do think you need to save the 1934 article until after the 1935/1936 articles. Sorry.

Finally, I have a new series (“Unfolding chaos…”) in progress on the 1934-36 National Chicle Batter-Up set. At the moment only the first installment is ready.

1939-41 PLAY BALL

These articles explore relationships between the different cards across years. The 1940-41 relationship is one already known to collectors, but I examine it in great detail. The 1939-40 relationship is not one I’ve seen mention of in any other Hobby source.

1943-48 M.P. & COMPANY

Each year of this unpopular issue had a distinct inspiration behind the artwork. These articles examine this in detail, though there are still some unsolved mysteries around the 1943 set.

1948-55 BOWMAN

This article covers an aspect of the 1951 set likely recognized by most collectors. However, the analysis here provides greater detail than other sources.

1959 FLEER

These articles examine two “mysteries” of the Ted Williams set. One surrounds card #68, and the other concerns the placement of the cards on the set’s uncut printing sheets.