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This interview/profile was contributed by Jason A. Schwartz of SABR Chicago

I first met Mike Noren, the man behind the Gummy Arts brand, just over a year ago in Cooperstown, New York. I was in town for the opening of the baseball card-themed “Shoebox Treasures” exhibit, and Mike was too. I was there as a card collector and baseball fan. Mike could check off those same two boxes, but he had another. His work was on the walls.

Anyone who follows Mike on social media is accustomed to his daily posting of whimsical trading card creations, many of which extend beyond baseball into other sports, music, or pop culture. Attendees of the SABR Black Sox Centennial Symposium in 2019 might even have some of Mike’s cards in their collections.

Or Bert Blyleven, in the unlikely event you’re reading this piece (hello!), you definitely are the proud owner of…

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